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ABILWAYS is a leading European training, consultancy and publishing company with branches in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal.

Building on its 20 years of experience, it offers international and multicultural approaches to learning and development.

ABILWAYS offers comprehensive learning solutions in management development, human resources, organisational development, communication, and provides tailor-made trainings, professionalisation programs, expert workshops, consultancy and coaching services, as well as blended/e-learning services.


ABILWAYS mission is to equip individuals and organisations with skills and knowledge to strengthen effectiveness and organizational performance.

Our activities rest on key values :

Excellence – in our methodology, training content, and client relation

Ethic - internally in our teamwork and externally vis-à-vis our competitors and partners

Innovation – in our approach, design, and delivery


We supports our clients to achieve stability and development, to better adapt to changes and new challenges, through initiatives focused on organizational processes, tasks, and structures.


ABILWAYS, expert in the organisation of trainings for companies and public organisation, is developing its activities in Europe.

  • Trainings offerings for the European Institutions

    EFE and CFPJ, both part of ABIWALYS Group, provide, on the basis of a 4-year framework contract, training and professional development for the personnel of the European Institutions in the following areas: management, strategic planning, communication, and organisational development.

    With regard to these different subjects, EFE and CFPJ assist the European Institutions in developing tailor-made training activities, consulting services, and the organisation of team-building events or conferences in Brussels and Luxembourg, as well as in the EU Member States.

  • To become a trainer

    To support its growth and development in Brussels, ABILWAYS is actively seeking experienced trainers and experts to deliver training programmes for public and private clients, in English and/or French, in the following domains:

    1. Management
    2. Communication
    3. Organisational development

    The projects take place in Brussels, Luxembourg, as well as in the EU Member States. Should you be interested in working with us, we invite you to send your CV to the following address: We will contact you soon after and give you ample information about our organisation and the training programmes.

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