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IFE "Corporate Solutions"

A set of services and benefits that guarantees optimal management of your training investment.

  • A specific corporate agreement adapted to your challenges
  • A single contact responsible for managing your account
  • Special offers and specific services.

A specific corporate agreement adapted to your challenges.

A partnership that provides you with the "Corporate" service you need.

Our "Corporate Solutions" agreement - or of your own purchase agreement – will enable you to take advantage of preferential rates negotiated on a yearly basis for all or part of our training offerings:

  • Discount of 10 to 30% on your inter training purchases: "Off-the-shelf" and "Topical"
  • Daily rate negotiated for your in-house projects.

These special rate conditions will apply to all of the subsidiaries and branches of your group included in the agreement on signature of the "Corporate Solutions" contract.

Your benefits

  • Manage your training expenses on an annual basis
  • Share your purchases within the group
  • More flexible postponement and cancellation conditions
  • Preferential treatment for customised in-house training
  • Access to a simplified registration procedure.

Our goal: to help you better manage your training expenses

A single contact will listen to you and provide personalised support

A Corporate Salesperson will manage your projects. They will know your organisation, your culture, your specific challenges, and your industry.

Your benefits

Your training partner will help you to:

  • Select training that matches your needs
  • Take advantage of the best possible conditions and manage group registrations
  • Handle administrative procedures
  • Evaluate the quality of the training provided.

You will receive a quarterly report on all of the training courses attended by the employees of your group.

Our goal: to facilitate the management of your training projects

Exclusive offers and special services

Your benefits

  • Special "Corporate Solutions" offers throughout the year
  • A set of innovative teaching solutions that meet your actual needs and objectives: company seminars, customised conferences, coaching, etc. Your Corporate Salesperson will be there to help personalise your training
  • Tracking of the skills acquired in training can be implemented at your request.

Our goal: to provide you with the best possible customised service.

With our "Corporate Solutions" offer, you will enjoy the benefits of a long-term partnership.


Our INTRA team is waiting to hear about your projects:
+32 (0)2 533 10 14 or intra@ifexecutives.com

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