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The ABILWAYS Group is aware of the environmental and social impact its activities have on its stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers). As a result, it has had a Sustainable Development policy in place for over 10 years.

Concrete examples of its approach can be seen in the following areas :

Responsible purchasing and recycling

  • The group collects printer and toner cartridges, batteries and strorage cells (via the Corepile eco-group), lamps and bulbs (via the Recyclum association) and corks (via the Bouchons d'Amour association).
  • The group only uses paper suppliers who are PEFC certified and holders of the Impim'Vert mark. PEFC-certified paper comes from sustainably managed forests. The Imprim’vert mark is granted to companies working in the graphics industry that commit to reducing the environmental impact of their printing activities (collection and elimination of waste generated by the use of chemicals and hazardous products).
  • We have chosen an office cleaning company that uses Ecobel products.
  • The group has committed to reducing its daily consumption of paper for its various activities by 30% within two years.
  • All of the group's catalogues are also on-line.

Social policy

  • The group's social policy strives to promote employee development through the provision of tailored working conditions: part-time work (15% of employees), telecommuting (10%) and flexible hours.
  • The new-employee policy facilitates integration in the company: breakfast with management, implementation of sponsoring programmes, progress reports.
  • ABILWAYS Group's Sustainable Development approach involves the Group's Management Committee and all employees.

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