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      Presentation of ABILWAYS group

The publishing and training specialist ABILWAYS has been meeting the needs of companies and local authorities for over 20 years.

The evolution of ABILWAYS




Creation of subsidiaries in Belgium, in Luxembourg and in Portugal


Acquisition of the CFPJ Group


Integration of the ACP Group


Integration of the ISM Group


Integration of the PYRAMYD Group



ABILWAYS: choose the experts

With over 2,500 inter and intra training courses, ABILWAYS is the leading multi-speciality continuing education group. Each of its brands is the leader in its field. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and of Group synergies. www.abilways.com

IFE Benelux

IFE Benelux

Specialised in providing training for the managers and executives of companies and local authorities in Luxembourg and Belgium.
Three catalogues with 200 inter-company training courses provided in French, English, and Dutch in Luxembourg, Brussels, and Namur in banking – finance – insurance, taxation – private wealth management, accounting – management control – audit, business law, public tenders and contracts, town planning – the environment – energy, purchasing – sales – negotiating, communication, professional effectiveness, management, etc.

90 topical training courses
For managers and executives of the public and private sectors in French, English, and Dutch

  • Led by 700 practising experts
  • 3,000 clients.



150 topical training courses a year for managers and executives of the private and public sectors. Courses are led by the best experts who are authorities in strategy, technical, corporate and other topics.

900 "catalogue inter" training courses in Paris and Lyon, all also available in-house:

180 "catalogue inter" training courses in Paris and Lyon dedicated to the public sector. www.efe.fr

EFE Éditions

EFE Éditions publishes very practical specialised publications used as working tools by professionals in business law, personal wealth management, taxation, labour law, local management, and town planning.

It also publishes two reviews written by eminent specialists: BJDU and BJCP.



With a training portfolio entirely dedicated to digital professions, ABILWAYS DIGITAL is your partner in digital transformation. Our 200+ innovative training programs will help you implement all your digital media projects. www.abilways-digital.com

CFPJ – The media and communication specialist


CFJ - The "Grande Ecole"for journalism
A member of the Conférence des grandes écoles, CFJ has trained over 2,000 journalists who work in all media.
CFPJ MEDIAS – Continuing education for journalists
200 training sessions host over 2,500 journalists every year to help them perfect their written, audio-visual and multimedia skills.
CFPJ companies and local authorities – Training in communication techniques
3,000 professionals from companies, government, local authorities and associations are trained in communication strategy, press relations, oral and written expression, multimedia and leadership.
CFPJ INTERNATIONAL – Training for foreign journalists
Initial and continuing education for foreign journalists for over forty years in Paris and around the world.
CFPJ Editions – The dissemination of professional know-how
CFPJ Editions provides journalists and communications professionals with practical reference manuals. www.cfpj.com

ISM - Marketing, client relations, sales


The specialist in marketing, sales and client relations. 500 inter-intra training courses. Areas of expertise:
Domaines d’expertise : studies, strategic marketing, operations and relationships, e-marketing, direct marketing, sales and negotiations, client relations, professional effectiveness for salespeople, etc. www.ism.fr

IDCC, the Call Centre Institute


Its aim is to promote the recognition and enhance the value of careers in customer relations, sales and telephone reception. Besides the courses listed in the catalogue, IDCC also offers customized training or comprehensive professional learning paths. www.idcc.fr

PYRAMYD - The reference in creation and visual communication business


PYRAMYD Formation
Specialized in creation and visual communication business, PYRAMYD offers around 200 trainings on softwares of graphic application use, traditional knowledge associated with visual communication (lay-out, typography) and new technologies on mobile media devises. www.pyramyd-formation.com

PYRAMYD Editions
Created in 2001, the PYRAMYD Edition explores the different graphic design and visual art approaches. Recognized for its unique graphic know-how, PYRAMYD Edition publishes reference books, aimed at creative professionals, students as well as art and communication enthusiasts.www.pyramyd-editions.com

ACP FORMATION – The leader in public purchasing training


Enhancing the professional skillsof public purchasers in procurement, tenders and public finances. Over 100 inter-intra training courses in Paris and Lyon.
Areas of expertise : regulations, procedures, awarding of tenders, purchasing strategy and policies, tenders for supplies, services, public works and project management, complex financing, etc. www.acpformation.fr

IFE Portugal

IFE Portugal

100 inter-intra training courses for the managers and executives of companies and local authorities in Portugal and Angola.
Professional trade shows : for human resources, call centre, logistics and other professionals. www.ife.pt

Publishing news

Droit et contentieux de la fonction publique

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Influencer avec éthique

Influencer avec éthiqueComment faire adhérer l’autre, les autres à son projet et être crédible à long terme ? Comment construire une stratégie influente...
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