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      Presentation of ife benelux

IFE BeneluxSince its creation in 1996, IFE Benelux, a subsidiary of ABILWAYS, has specialised in training the managers and executives of companies and local authorities in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Training is led by the best practising specialists in the following fields:

Training is provided in French (Brussels, Namur and Luxembourg), Dutch (Brussels and Antwerp) and English (Brussels and Luxembourg).

The IFE Benelux training offering

Off-the-shelf trainings

In-house training given in French, English and Dutch in Luxembourg, Brussels and Namur, in the fields listed above.

Our training programmes are designed by our specialist trainers who are experts in content and pedagogy. Each is based on a very detailed scenario that uses active and innovative pedagogical methods to guarantee learning through practice and the implementation of required skills.

Topical trainings

Designed for a specialised manager and executive audience and covering current topics, our training courses help to improve skills thanks to the high level of expertise of our teachers.

The added value of training is the result of having multiple speakers, alternating between presentations and feedback, and the significant emphasis on exchanges.

Tailor-made trainings : intra

Whether you want to adapt an off-the-shelf training or build a tailored programme, our in-house approach takes into account the specificities and the environment of your company, its special needs and the knowledge level of the attendees in line with your confidentiality requirements.

We will provide our know-how and experience at every step of training implementation, including:

  • The design of a programme in line with your company’s needs
  • Optimal group selection and scheduling
  • The selection of teaching methods suited to the training goals, the audience and the topics covered
  • The identification of trainers with practical experience in the field and with solid references in the subject they are teaching
  • An evaluation and support system to complement training
  • The right budget.

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